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Curriculum vitae

for John O'Hagan

I have over twenty-five years of experience in the arts, including seven years as Musical Director of Circus Oz, one of Australia’s foremost major performing arts groups, where I was responsible for the artistic, management and technical aspects of the musical component of Circus Oz productions. I am a composer and multi-instrumentalist, specialising in Double Bass, with a V.C.A. degree. I have played live in more than twenty countries to around one million people.

I also have long and diverse experience as a freelance musician and performer, teacher, technician, graphic artist, show crew member, and more; and many other interests including social justice issues, science, and ICT (look around this site!).

I am looking for opportunities to bring these skills and this experience to a creative, management, technical, educational or administrative context in the arts.

Feb 2008-present:

I took long service leave from Circus Oz and began working on diverse projects, including writing computer programs to create music, learning Spanish, setting up a rehearsal and music workshop studio, and musical projects including:


Performing and global touring full-time in Circus Oz, as Musical Director from 2001, including a famous comic aerial act, the "Flying Bass". (Here are some of the places we've been.) I served on the Circus Oz Board of Directors, as union delegate, and in cultural development projects, including with remote indigenous communities and urban Mexican youth. Highlights included a commission to write and perform two pieces for global broadcast on NYE 2000 at the Sydney Opera House, and three 6-8 week seasons on 42nd St, New York.


Undertook and completed a degree in music (performance and improvisation) at the Victorian College of the Arts.


Freelanced and played in bands including:

Other experience:

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